Author Topic: Tri planar scale mismatch between different files (Object scale dependent)  (Read 408 times)

I'm currently experiencing this issue in substance painter in which when the created checker smart material is applied to a mesh that utilized tri planar mapping and a specific scale of tiling for its respective size, when the tri planar is then added to a different object of a different world scale, I would expect the tiling to be the same between all sizes and shapes due to the scene setting being the deciding factor of tiling it receives.

Creating a tiling pattern that uses 20 tiles, scales everything triplanar between all assets equally as expected.

Applying that smart material to a newly opened file using the same camera and scale as you can see, the tiling is different.

It seems the tri planar projection doesn't use a world scale? and uses object scale bounds to set its tiling, I on the other hand, as I'm working with around 60 different tiling variations over multiple assets need this to be the same scale for world... Is there any way of fixing this/setting this or an INI I could possibly change to sort the issue as all I want is a fixed scale that's non UV dependant.

Much appreciated :)


The tri planar works with the baked position map, so the result is directly linked to how this position map is computed.
By default the position map is normalized according to your mesh bounding box. That's why the "scale" of the projection will change depending on your object size.

There is no way to bake the position map with "absolute" values at the moment. The only workaround I can think of at is to add eight vertices (like a box, but without the triangles/faces) on all of your meshes at the same location so that the resulting bounding box will be the same for all meshes (not 100% sure it'll work, but in theory it should).
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