Author Topic: Arch distros & alternative to RPM package  (Read 1421 times)

Right off the bat, I understand that taking into consideration the small market share of Linux, it's probably not a great business decision to dedicate time to this, but it's unfortunate nonetheless.

I have recently made the switch from Windows to Solus and have begun rebuilding my software library with Linux alternatives. A piece of software I was always interested in getting was Substance Designer, and thought it was about time I treat myself. I started the free trial yesterday to test out the software, and began installing today on my lunch break today.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the launcher is packaged as an AppImage, and mistakenly got my hopes up. The install fails, and the terminal reads that it's due to permissions - a red herring. Turns out the OS is silently failing in the background to deal with the RPM package dropped into my tmp folder. After a lot of research I now understand that it's not possible to deal with RPM files on Solus in the same way alien can be used to repackage the RPM into a DEB package on Debian distros.

So close, but no dice.

Are there any plans to begin to alternative distros? Is this even possible? If not, why is that?