Author Topic: How to overlay multiple height layers  (Read 616 times)

Guys i really need help. The thing is i`m working with multiple layers that have color and height. And i need them to overlay each other (so the top layers should cover the ones which are placed below them so they are not visible) I tried using blend modes but they seem to only work with color. I`m in frustration and also tired of erasing height of the underlying layers  :-\

Using Blending would be the correct answer. If it is only working with color make sure you're using the proper channel and mode. Otherwise upload a .spp file and I'll take a look to see what you did wrong (you can replicate it if you don't want to share your existing project).
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Here`s 2 layers as an example. 2 layers with black masks. Both only have color and height channels. I need the blue cross to cover up the red boxes. It might require some sort of combination of the blending modes? I think i tried everything. I would really appreciate any help.

See below:

I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

I feel dumb now... I didn`t realize there was a tab with channels there. Thanks a lot man it means a world to me. I owe you now :)