Author Topic: Node Whitespace replaced with Visual Graphics Clues & Values in Functions  (Read 1893 times)

When putting together large functions its difficult to see the formula built.

1)  The large empty whitespace on nodes could contain graphics:  + - * /

2)  There could be a way to hover over nodes/cables to get the values for trouble shooting.
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Indeed, readability of the function graph (at low zoom level) can be improved by modifying the GUI, thanks for the feedback.

Regarding the "function listener", that's something we know and keep in mind. We don't have an easy solution for a quick implementation (due to the way it's designed) but that's something we have in our features list.
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yes it could be a very usefull feature.
I want to say that it's missing a debug mode.. where you can see all of the varibles values in real time. I dont know if you see what im thinking

A debug mode (or node) would be so useful indeed.
I think that best would be to output the result of the selected node or in the right panel, or in the node itself, as a footer.
And yeah, it would be so useful to get a visual representation of the node operator used.