Author Topic: Best way to purchase license for an employee?  (Read 468 times)

I need to purchase a license for an employee. Obviously I don't want to give him the company credit card.  I don't see any type of "team" functionality like has that would allow me to assign licenses to users.

Do I get a license key or something I can just send to him?  What is the recommendation?

I bump.

There is no proper way to manage licences for your employees! You can buy subscriptions on your account and send keys to your people. The license keys will be valid for 30 days. You will have to send them to all your employees manually every month.

At our studio we have several people using substance and it is a huge pain really.

We do have an assignation service for Pro subscriptions. You can purchase your subscription on one admin Substance account and then assign the licenses to your different users via this service

Okay, what do I do now?

Nevermind. I went out on a limb, bought a pro license, and was able to assign it.  I don't like flying blind. I wish it was more like the Adobe admin console where I could create accounts before purchasing licenses, etc.

Was about to create a post about this until I saw that link.

It doesn't seem apparent from the admin console how to get there...

Also, I would still add that this is a terrible system for studios that are used to floating licenses and that may need to use something like RLM because software needs to float between multiple artists and the studio workstations may be required to be disconnected from internet access.

If you think this is only "big studio" talk then you are wrong. Small studios are also required to isolate network traffic.
So I would make a case to provide an option for studios to buy/rent true floating licenses just like your competition does.

Fyi, I am a pipeline TD and former sysadmin, I am used to automating this stuff but you just seem to choose to make our lives harder for no apparent reason. 🤷
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