Author Topic: How do others get around this...?  (Read 694 times)


Whilst baking the various textures for my character, which I've split up into different sets based on their sizes - 4K, 2K, 1K - I'm finding that some parts don't bake well as others. This can usually be rectified by adjusting the Front/Rear Distance to .01 or 0.1, or vice versa. However, this then effects the other parts that did bake well, and then they have weird baking issues. How do others get around this? At the moment, I'm finding I'm having to split things up even more and bake certain things individually, which tends to help, but then I'm having to composite all the bakes in Photoshop so everything is together on one texture sheet, based on the UV layouts.

Are there any other methods of getting around this? Or is this the best way?