Author Topic: Updating .sbsar (from designer) in painter doesn't work  (Read 1133 times)

I reposted this in the substancePainter forum and unfortunately i can't remove it here.

I know the resourceUpdater should  enable you to do that, and i tried. But i can't make it work even with the needed restart of painter it wouldn't (tho that is in itself a horrible workflow that you actually have to restart the app for that).
I always get error messages.
I tried to put it in the material slot of a fillLayer as well as trying (as a post of one of the mods suggested) to import it into the projectShelf. Which would update the material in the shelf but not update it in the layerStack.
So the only way would be to lose all your parameter changes and reassign it to the fillLayer again.
The same goes for making it a materialpreset, i would have thought a materialpreset would only store the values but assigning a materialpreset would as well exchange the material (with the stored older version of the basematerial).
So can please someone please show a way how to do that. Because i (and i am not the only one) can't make it work.
The featureRequest on userVoice was already closed as "completed".

Thanks a lot and stay safe.

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