Author Topic: Different scale on a texture without losing resolution?  (Read 1007 times)

Hello Guys.
I just discovered that you can set an ID map in the 3D modelling software (here blender) and then have a single material gathering all the different texture of the mesh. That's awesome but now I have another issue: The mesh is a building and I need to scale the bricks of the building to make them the right size. The problem is if I do this in substance the bricks loose a lot of resolution and become blury, that's why I have to do this in either Unity or blender (at least that's what I understood correct me if 'm wrong).
My question is how am I supposed to scale the bricks in blender or unity without scaling the rest of the texture set?
Am I just supposed to stick to one material for the bricks and another one for the rest?
Have a nice day^^

I know you have to separate them in Blender.  If you want your mesh to have 2 different textures then you have to assign the parts of the mesh that you want them to be on in edit mode.