Author Topic: Unusable with RTX3090  (Read 1929 times)

I tried to use Substance Alchemist with my new RTX3090 using the latest drivers. More often than not Image to Material (AI Powered) failed to process entirely and if they ever processed it took 15 minutes or more with a simple 2048x2048. Mostly the software just crashed.

I had to downgrade to low end graphics card for Substance demo.

Honestly I feel kinda super disappointed for the quality of this software. The new card works perfectly for everything else, Designer, Painter, Unreal, Max or V-Ray. I am lucky I didn't sell my old card.

Hi, sorry to read your not satisfied with your brand new GPU.  :-[
I have no crash report concerning AI powered in my database. I have 2 other reports but not related to Material (AI powered) Did you send any of them?

On my side I have an RTX 3070 to perform some tests. Do you have any example of pictures not working with your GPU?

With the last 461.72 Studio drivers and an RTX 3070, Material AI powered run pretty smoothly on 4K images with Substance Alchemist 2.3.1/2.3.2, in less than 20 seconds to perform the computation.

When you swapped from your 2080 SUPER to the RTX 3090 did you perform a clean install of the last nVIDIA Studio drivers?

Thank you for your answer,
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