Author Topic: Seriously need a branch for previous version on Steam  (Read 1682 times)

SP 2017.3 crash problem reminds me: it would be necessary to have a branch for previous version on Steam. We can't all go download an older copy from allegorithmic.

In fact I am not sure Steam is charging you if you have multiple branches anyway... So why not have many versions available to users?


You can actually contact us to get a standalone version if you have a Steam license.
You will then be able to download previous versions on your Allegorithmic account.

Head of Product Management

Of course I did download 2017.2 from website, otherwise I wouldn't be able to work, at all.

My suggestion is: do you want every single SP users affected by SP 2017.3 crash to download 2017.2 on your website, or do you want to give them a way to download on Steam. Just saying.