Author Topic: Hotkey for Random Seed  (Read 1633 times)

Hey guys,

I know this is probably not a priority feature, but would it be possible to add a hotkey to quickly change the random seed in the currently active tool? And have checkboxes to toggle the ability when there are multiple random seeds in the same tool.

I think the most powerful thing about substance is its procedural content. Most alphas that come with SP are built procedurally and can vary its look by hitting the "random" button. If there is a faster way to quickly change random seed, you can quickly paint lots of varying details instead of just one brush shape that is constantly being used which produces somewhat very repetitive results. Right now the only thing we can do is clicking on the random key manually, which wastes quite a bit of time on the long run if you need to change the seed frequently.

Having this ability could also open up many more possibilities when creating custom alphas and materials in Substance Designer. One could make a decal tool to be used in painter that when hitting the random hotkey, picks a random shape, random color, random size, random worn level. Or an oil painting brush where every random seed introduces a slight color shift to the color you picked initially, giving you quick color variations when you paint. These are just some random :P ideas I quickly thought up, the possibilities are endless.

Alex Liu

Hey, this is indeed a great request!
I'll share with the team