Author Topic: How to add gloss in Imported sbsar mat while in the PBR Metallic Rough Material?  (Read 1262 times)


Thanks in advance if there is a way to add gloss overlay coating to the ceramic tile ONLY in the attached exported sbsar from SD while maintaining a metallic rough pbr material.  Please note that I used the Alchemist Template in SD when
re-creating the ceramic tile shapes.  Please note I was not going for a full material in SD only the shapes and some base parameters to see how they carry over and work in Alchemist.  Thoughts are to do more work in SD in terms of grout etc...,

In addition, is there any way to add extra textures to the color variations separately.  I would want the ceramic to be glossy and the grout to be granular.  The issue is when I use the floor tile is that this material is not a tileable material as it does not come in sheets and would be installed piece by piece.  I don't know if there is a way to use the floor tile and get rid of the tiling?  It would be fantastic if I could use the floor tile and set the tile to none.

Again thanks in advance. 
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