Author Topic: Painter import mesh up-axis  (Read 6533 times)

EDIT: I realize this is in the wrong forum section, meant to post it to Painter  :P

Is there any way to specify a Z-up axis for Painter? Why is it Y-up when it appears that Designer is Z-up?

Doing a second mesh export for texture editing is not ideal for a speedy workflow. Even doing a simple Y-up request on FBX export from Max does not fix this issue, the mesh still comes into Painter lying flat.

Any suggestions? Is there an existing option or is there a planned feature change in the future?

Thank you very much for this great tool, this is really the only major game-breaker I've come across (aside from seamless Designer - Painter interop but you're getting to that, right? ;) )

Image attached.
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There is a bug with pivots in SP, make sure to reset your rotation in your 3d app before you export.

Right, just tested with the latest version and all is well. Thanks!

You know, this has been what, 7 years? Yeah, seven years.

I still don't see any way to specify the up-axis.
I really shouldn't have to actually transform a model just to paint it without it looking face-down.