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Hey, here is an example:

Note that with this configuration, you can have more than one layer affecting the height, as long as they are below the anchor in the layer stack.

Oh wow! I love you - you just solved a MAJOR problem of mine!
Please reference this in the anchor documentation under 'tips and tricks' or something like it for everybody else who will run into this problem in the future. This is so obscure but actually so easy at the same time.

Thank you so much! :D

Hi guys, I tried this method with height and it works like a charm! But what if I need to do the same thing with normal?
I tried to follow the same process but without luck, am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!

For some reasons this does not work for me,
Would be nice to have Anchor Points combined somehow on Normals that are not actually painted but maps with masks

maybe 2021 will be added an official thing  :(

I'm really interested in the anchor points rework as well. If given multiple materials on top it's really tedious to link every one of them to the bottom painted height. A more user-friendly rework, making the painted height layer automatically affect everything on top would cut many steps in my workflow and offer such a more pleasant experience. I see there is also another thread opened on this:,32136.msg122514/highlight,anchor+point.html#msg122514

Anyway from their QA session from Substance & 3D News 2021, we know the issue is acknowledged. Links to timestamps from the livestream:

I used the feedback feature to create a ticket for this:
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