Author Topic: Undo Greyed Out  (Read 387 times)

I'm experiencing an issue wherein the Undo/Redo options are greyed out. It seems to happen right off the bat so I can catch it before getting too deep into work thankfully. A reboot of the software seems to fix it.

I wasn't noticing this issue before the latest update. The only other thing I've changed since using Substance last and updated was I installed a second monitor (Huion Kamvas 22 Plus) and also a one-handed keyboard (Red Dragon K585). Doubt these are the cause but worth mentioning, I suppose. Oh, and I'm now overclocking my computer too. Anyway, here's my version details:

Substance Painter, version 7.1.0
Build 804 - 82d8bfde9befcba05ae351f1a6172ded1eb9d2e6