Author Topic: [SOLVED] Most of the Nodes are clamped to the 0-1 range  (Read 773 times)

I'm trying to create displacement map for a VFX workflow where maps with value >1 are common.
But it's look like most of the node, including the atomic ones are clamped and for exemple the shape splatter give me result with >1 one values that are just clamped on the level node even when this one is forced to 32bit float Output Format.

And this is the same issue for a lot of node.
Is this intentional or a bug ?

SD version 2021.1.0

Last Edit: March 09, 2021, 03:49:13 pm

The levels node clamps by default, but there is a button to disable this.

First open the 'values' tab.

And select 'passthru'

Thanks a lot !
It's working.

Some nodes like HistogramRange,... doesn't seems to have this option but teh Level Node was all what I needed.