Author Topic: AMD Texture Artifacts  (Read 497 times)

Hey Everyone!

The 20.4.2 version of the Adrenalin graphics driver (RX 5700 XT GPU) and the Radeon Pro 20.Q4 are the only versions that dosen't give me troubles. Every single version after that makes Substance Painter presents texture artifacts (on viewport and exported textures).

So many drivers launched since the 20.4.2 and I still got the same problem! I've used AMD support to report my problem, but they say that they dont know whats happening.

Same. It seems to happen in quite random areas, not the same every time. You can also get rid of it by playing with sliders such as roughness sometimes. But if you try to bake or make another change it might come back.. I think it's an issue on Substance's side since it's so inconsistent. Surely if the GPU driver was 100% at fault it would be more predictable.


This is a known issue with current AMD drivers. The only solution is to wait for a fix from future drivers.