Author Topic: I'd like to request better support for C++ devs  (Read 619 times)

Unless I'm missing something, in order to download the live link plugin for the source build of unreal, devs need to download a binary UE4 version, then copy the plugin to source.  Algorithmic use to provide the source files for the plugin.  In addition, that lack of live link upgrades have been poor.  We all mentioned to you how we were not looking forward to the Adobe buyout.  Many of us felt it from Autodesk and expected the same treatment.  Decisions based on bottom line, not customers.  To advertise a live link plugin and not support it properly is a bottom line decision, not a customer decision.  Just say, we would appreciate better support, and honestly, I would expect many to hold out on give Adobe more money until they work this out.

Hi there, Integrations PM here! I understand your frustration and I am very apologetic for any poor experiences you may have with any of our plugins. As a part of Adobe, we have more opportunities afforded to us and we must adhere to the processes in order to use those opportunities. We are aware that the current process for source files is not ideal and because of that we are in the very early stages of exploring what options we have to provide better access to the source builds of the UE4 plugin. We will share further details once a timeline is established. Regarding 'live link plugin' - we are ensuring we maintain the usability of the Painter Live Link feature within the UE4 plugin and are constantly assessing the priority of it along with other features, current and new. At this time, we do not have plans in the near future for upgrades to Painter Live Link. Thank you for the feedback as it is vital to helping build the best Substance plugin in UE4.

Substance Integrations Product Manager