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Hello people, really quick question, is there any way to remove information from a smart mask? What i mean by that is: I have a model that has some weird UVs. That ends up messing my smart mask a bit. What i want basically is to take the brush tool and fix up the mask manually by erasing the parts i dont like. Is there any way to this? The mask i used was ground dirt.

Sure, add a paint to the mask itself and have it above the Mask Editor.
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That makes sense but maybe it requires one more step to work since its not working at all. So let me describe exactly what i did and maybe you will figure it out.
1: Add fill layer
2: Add Ground dirt smart mask
3: Add paint layer to the mask and place it ontop of the list. (mask editor , grungemap31 bit)
4: Paint with the erase tool.
Thats exactly what i did but it doesnt work. Any ideas?

I fixed by basically using the Brush tool with greyscale set to 0. But you gave me the spark to that so THANK YOU! Maybe greyscale was missing from my brush tool. But i dont really know how to add it.

You don't use "erase tools" with paint layers when masking. You use the brush with values between 0-1. Masks either need to be between white and black (white showing all - black showing nothing)
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)