Author Topic: Emissive texture showing ok in Painting mode but not Rendering with Iray  (Read 501 times)

My emissive texture on the black-and-white-striped objects works fine in painting mode, as shown here...

But it breaks in Rendering mode, but puzzlingly, only for SOME of the objects.

My FBX file comes from Blender.  I created one half-diamond object and used an Array Modifier to generate the rest of them on the left, and a second Array Modifier with an object transform to create the flipped ones on the right side.  The original shape for each was a cube and the normals are facing outside.  In Substance Painter, all of these objects share one common texture set, with just two entries (the black and the emissive white), so they're consistent between the left row and the right row.  I did verify that the backside of the objects has the correct faces and textures applied; it's fine.  It's just breaking during rendering somehow.

Anybody know what could be causing the difference during rendering?
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Some more digging around turned up my problem (and rubber ducky debugging by explaining it here).  I was using scale=-1 to flip the direction of the row on the right.  That caused a problem with the normals.  Instead, I should have been using rotate=180 with scale=1.  Solved.