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I downloaded a few materials from substance source and all the materials named "mosaic"(the wood ones) are having a similar problem. When I apply them to a plane the scale of the wood texture image doesn't match the scale of the materials (normals). Important to say I didn't change ANY parameters.

This is how the material looks from a distance:

the only way I can fix that is when I lower the amount of Parquet Tile to 1. ANY number above 1, it messes with the wood texture.

the problem with that is when I want to use this material in a large surface the repetition feels become very evident and not good.

so, I'd like to know if there's something I need to do in the file configurations that would affect a material when it's applied to the 3D OR if this is something wrong with the material itself.

this is just a simple plane mesh, square, I downloaded the material and applied without any changes.
Chestnut Wood Parquet Mosaic, Beed Wood Parquet Mosaic, Bamboo Mosaic, Ash Wood Mosaic & Oak woo mosaic all have the same issue.
Even the preview is weird in those:
The Burma Mosaic works perfectly. So it's not the mesh.

I appreciate the answer from the Substance Source team. Thank you!
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Hi fevaz,

Indeed we have an issue there!

Fixes are on the way, I'll let you know when the updated assets are online
PO @ Allegorithmic