Author Topic: PDG in Substance Designer  (Read 1123 times)

Hi guys,

I was working on a dynamic brush graph thinking about stamp index and such, when I started thinking it would be cool if stamp index could be used on other ways, like in a tile generator for example. I figured that would be a tremendously expensive calculation, so my thinking led me to speculate about what a Houdini-like procedural dependency graph could be like for Substance Designer.

I guess it would work like making a node that takes an input graph, and bakes and caches like 64 - 512 seed variations, to offload the real-time calculation, that a new tile sampler node could take as an input that can sample from this cache, either selecting random iterations or sequential. This would basically mean you would never see repetitions whatsoever in your tile samples, which I guess would be overkill for most situations but could be a future forward methodology for procedural textures :)
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