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[Using props in UE4 with dynamic lighting]

I have a few questions when it comes to metallic surfaces and would like to what is a correct approach
I have a pure metal object (metallic value 1). I want to add some dirt/grime and drips to make it look it has been used.

When adding dirt/grime on top of a metal layer I usually add a new fill layer have a mask and specify which areas I want to cover.
I tweak the roughness (0.3) and metallic value (0.5) This way I get some break in the metallic look.
But  I keep getting told the metallic map should always be white and not off white or grey or in between.

A)When dealing with pure metals should the dirt/grime always have a metallic  value of 1 and the roughness is the only value that needs to be adjusted?
B)Is there any other way to bring about variation in metal value?
C)I understand the base metal should never be anything weird and should be always 0 or 1.

I understand paint peeling or rust but when it comes to pure metal having light dust or water drips I have no idea.

Thank you!

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