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Hello everyone. First time posting. I'm in the beginning phase of learning about SP, I don't have full tools knowledge yet, but yesterday I tried to make some quick rocks based on a tutorial I saw. It turned out OK, but I see seams on the model.

I made the UVs and seams in Blender, they looked OK. When I imported my low poly and baked details from a high poly the result was always different, I tried it a few times. Sometimes details were not baked, sometimes they were, but I saw the UV island seams, it seems SP was not able to paint over them. I tried adding a passthrough layer and stamp it with no success.

My question is: Is there a way to either decrease the UV islands or make sure that when textures are baked some extra pixels are added outside of the island to avoid seems to be that visible?
Or this is something in the setup I miss? Should I switch something off like normals or height? I mean my seams should not be THAT visible I think..

Upload the meshes somwhere, I will take a look at it.

Oh apologies for the late reply. I got the advice from somewhere to re-make the UVs manually so when I make a seam it goes through areas that are not big flat places. After doing that it I think the problem is solved more or less.

Thanks for coming to offer help though.