Author Topic: Error: "You have too much nodes running Substance...You can only Run 1nodes..."  (Read 180 times)

I have an educators license (I am teaching Substance Alchm+Painter+Designer in classes),
However I have 2 computers (a Macbook pro and a windows because of 3Ds Max),
and I installed all software on both computers using the same license.
Now I am getting this error...
I believe its because I was trying to debug one material made on one computer in the other.
How should I solve this error?
Can I at least run one license at a time? (because I usually prefer to work on my Mac, but later I will need to use my windows for 3Ds Max and substance).
Thank you for your help,
best regards.

That should work, make sure Alchemist is properly closed on the other computer, try starting it and closing it again.