Author Topic: Maya to Painter UDIM Importation Issues  (Read 2506 times)

I am trying to import a character model that takes up five UDIM tiles. When I attempt to load the model into Substance Painter only one of the five UDIM tiles is appearing and the other four are nowhere to be found. I have tried both the legacy and the default settings for the "Use UV Tile Workflow" option, but both are experiencing issues.

I am certain that the UV layout should be valid as I have checked for the following:
-Stray UV's located outside the intended five that may break Painter's limitations -there are none
-UV islands that overlap more than one UV tile -there are none
-I pulled the mesh into Unreal Engine 4 to test the UV transfer from the FBX and all UV layouts show up appropriately as they are displayed in the Maya screenshot
-Mesh has also been imported into Zbrush to test the textures with a UV checker map and there was no issue I could find with the layout there either
-I have also done many other checks to make sure there are no ngons or other potentially problematic geometry issues that may be resulting in undesirable results

I did not receive any errors notifications when I tried to load up a new project with this FBX file, so I am completely at a loss as to where this problem is coming from. Any and all help would be much appreciated, thank you. Below are some screenshots for further clarification.

The first thing I would check is your UV channels. Make sure all these are in your first slot. If you're still having issues upload the FBX and I'll take a look, or the Maya file if you want to check your setup.

Also, check to see if you have other TEXTURE SETS, if you do then it means you have assigned MAT IDs to those pieces.
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Thank you so much for your response! It turns out that there were over 50+ erroneous texture sets attached to each part of the mesh. I'm not sure how they got there since I never went in and created them myself. I have to wonder if there was a function I was using or some kind of import method that caused them to be created accidentally. Deleting all the extra UV sets and making sure each mesh was on the default set fixed the problem.