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Substance in Unreal
Now available on the UE4 Marketplace


Substance Engine v 8.0.3 support
Substance Source action now accesses the Source tab within the Substance Launcher allowing assets to be sent directly to UE4
Reduced number of Substance materials processed at a time when upgrading project versions


UE4 crashes on Mac when closing the Editor with the UE4 Substance plugin installed
Changing the text parameter in a Substance Graph Instance causes a freeze and eventual crash


Substance Source workflow explained in documentation here:

- The Source button in UE4 will now open the Substance Launcher Source tab allowing for downloading and creation of Substance materials using the Send-To workflow currently implemented in some of the other Substance integrations. This functions relatively the same way as it did before where the plugin would open a Source window.
- The new Substance Source functionality is currently only available for 4.26 versions of the plugin. A fix for 4.25 will be released at a later time.

The workflow would be:
- Click on Source tab in UE4.
- The Substance Launcher would open to the Source tab. (Note: If the Substance Launcher is not installed, the Source tab will open to a link for the Substance Launcher download on the Substance3D website.)
- You can then browse the Substance Source catalogue. You can download to the desktop, or if you have UE4 open, a UE4 icon will appear when you hover over a Substance material. Clicking this will send the downloaded Substance Material to UE4 for you and create a UE4 asset/material.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns/issues with the plugin, please post below and we will help! :)
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