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I've been having this problem since I started using Substance Painter several years ago.  I have searched the forums and have seen that many other people have had this problem and asked questions about it.  However, I have never seen any acceptable answers.  I'm not sure if this issue has been fixed, which is why I'm asking about it again.

In the attached screenshot, the line on the right is drawn with a simple brush.  The line on the left was created using polygon fill.  They are both part of the same UV island.  There is enough resolution for the brush to create an acceptable line, but the polygon fill line looks terrible.  Now, I am aware that having perfectly straight UV edges would fix this, but that is not practical for many situations.

So my question is, is there a way to fix this?  Is there a way to use polygon fill without having jagged lines?  This behavior is also apparent when using color selection with ID maps, but I'll make a separate post about that.  Does anyone know how to fix this issue?  Thanks in advance.

I've written up lots of answers about this. Also when dealing with the ID maps sometimes you need to mix in blur / sharpen / and levels. You can do the same for the fills too.

I also explained the issue here as well:,34908.msg131299/highlight,jagged+edges.html#msg131299


I"m messing around with blur on the mask right now.  I am aware that having straight UVs or working at a much higher resolution would help the issue, though I do not consider those to be fixes.  I guess I would like anti-aliasing when selecting the polygons.  I found this post with a pretty definitive answer:,29172.msg113117/highlight,polygon+fill+jagged.html#msg113117

I only posted because I was curious if anything had changed, as it has been a while since I've looked for an answer to this.

Nothing has changed to my knowledge, and the post is the exact same answer I gave above, plus that has been posted all over the forums.

You can also do AA on the mask by bringing in the FXAA from Designer to Painter (just a quick example):

You're not going to get super smooth results unless your UV shells are straight (edges).
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