Author Topic: "Import Shader Parameters" - Custom JSON file for Shader Parameters?  (Read 1563 times)

As referenced here in the documentation, it's expressed that there is the capability of importing a JSON file to configure the Shader parameters of the Texture Sets.

However, I can't find any API on how to author a JSON file to achieve this. Is anyone familiar with this feature? Any examples of its use?

Image of where the setting exists is attached to this post.

The Json file you can import is the one you can export from the application via the Export Textures window (form the File menu), look for "Export Shader Parameters". That should give a good example of its structure.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Thank you Froyok, that answered my question.

However, perhaps this should be relegated to another thread but: The default values for the 'UserX' channels are always 1. And if that channel is added, but value for that channel is only present on some pixels, then the other pixels will be the default white.

Is there any way to change that default value on custom 'UserX' channels?