Author Topic: Substance Designer causing random shutdowns and restarts on Windows laptop?  (Read 697 times)

Hi all,

I'm having issues with substance Designer where the computer restarts and shuts down randomly.
I've noticed it only happens when the laptop is running on battery power, not when plugged in.

I've adjusted all possible power settings in Windows settings and updated my laptop's BIOS and firmware, but the issue still persists.
I also tried switching which the location of the software from my HDD to my SSD, but that aso has not worked.

Additionaly, My laptop is an MSI GS63 Stealth 8RE that comes with an 8th gen i7 processor, NVIDIA 1060MaxQ graphics card and 16GB of RAM.

Please let me know your thoughts as to what could be the problem.
Thanks in advance!

Hello Aman,

Thank you for reaching out to us!

This is likely a power issue. The system may not get the necessary power from battery when running intensive graphics processes, and shuts down/reboots to protect itself.

If you have already updated the laptop's BIOS and firmware, you can try updating the GPU drivers as well here.

You may also switch to the CPU version of Substance engine, in case the power issue is only connected to high GPU activity. To do this, press the F9 key or select the Switch engines... option in the Tools menu. Then, select the SSE2 engine and click the OK button.

In any case, I suggest reaching out to the laptop's manufacturer for support.

Best regards,
QA Analyst
Substance Designer Team