Author Topic: How to paint highly detailed screw in Substance Painter  (Read 1247 times)

Hello everyone,
I'm new to Substance Painter. I mostly design Aircraft and Missiles. My workflow- Model in Modo. Export the model to Ryzom UV, and then texture in Substance Painter. Initially the problem I had to face was bad /poor resolution normal. For example the panelling lines you see in an aircraft..That I couldn't achieve even in 4K. After a lot of Google search I came to know that it's because of my UV texel density. ( I used to uv unwrap in my native modelling software, later I switched to Ryzom.) Ryzom took care of that problem.

So, the panelling effect is now quite achievable. But the problem is the screw details. I'm attaching some photos from Turbosquid for reference. That is the kind of detail I want to achieve.

I request the honourable members here to please guide me so that I can achieve the screw level of details.If there is anything wrong with my workflow let me know.

Here is the link for the reference photos.

Thanks in advance!

Can you show screenshots of what you have right now (UV layout, close-up of the texture)?

If you have a good UV layout, and 4k is not enough resolution, use UDIMs. Or map the screws onto small planes with alpha and separate UV layout.