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Hi guys,
I have the weirdest problem here...
I am discovering how to use designer sbsar, and started with simplest setting and stuck there. I just practiced exposing parameters and on linear gradient exposed its 2 parameters(tiling and rotation) into output and tried checking it in painter

In painter it looked like this and I cannot believe my eyes

How can this happen, every other channel activated shows that gradient texture exactly as it is and this is what HEIGHT channel shows

and normal map

I tried switching lgt to nrm in height channel, i tried convertin height into l8 instead of l16. it doesnt have any histogram filter or anything like that applied. it just deviates for some reason and I cannot really use that, nor have an intuition how textures are going to behave consistently.
when i exported that gradient and tried creating NRM in photoshop (filter -> 3D -> convert to normal map)i got this VERY LOGICAL, nice and expected result

What exactly is problem here, and why is it that even in designer when tried to convert this simplest gradient of all, it gives me this flat normal that looks more like planks flat than gradient?

Thanks in advance
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In Substance Painter the height channel is using values between -1 and 1, negative values are not visible on screen by default. See:
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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