Author Topic: Mixed hi/low and "low only" workflow for baking  (Read 380 times)

I am working on a complex model which will have multiple mesh Objects. Some of them will have a low and high poly version, and will be exported to Substance (I will probably bake in Designer) for baking and then painting. But some other simpler shapes don't really need a high poly version and will simply have well tuned normals which I want baked to normal map directly.

My question: is there a workflow/configuration in which the baker can "do the right thing" in a single bake pass, baking high->low where matching pairs of objects are found based on the naming convention, but just baking a mesh object in the primary project FBX which does not have the name-pair using its own normals?

I'll be using the latest 2021 baker versions. Wes etc. I think I've watched all of the baker videos, but if this has already been gone over, please point me at it.
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