Author Topic: Bulk image to material (AI)  (Read 1625 times)

Hello guys,

usually I create each material manually but now I have to create thousands of different material from single images. All of them are marbles so I can go with the same settings for each material I believe. I only need base color, normal and roughness maps - so there is no height, displacement, ao, ...

The setup would look like this:
1. Import image
2. Equalizer
3. Image to material (AI)
4. Adjustments
5. Tiling

I am convinced that I can adjust the settings that they will fit for nearly all different materials. So it would be crazy to do this for each material by hand. I know there is Substance Automation Toolkit but I have no clue if its possible.

So my question is: Can I bulk create texture maps with Alchemist? Do I have to use Automation Toolkit? How am I able to bulk create the texture maps for all single images?

I appreciate your advise.


I tried everything to handle these amounts of materials at once. I realized that there are json files for every created material. Unfortunately duplicating these json files has no impact of my material library in Alchemist. Right now my only solution is to manually replace the Scan 1 image and save it as a new material. But this is not really effective because (A) I have to make this process multiple thousand times to create all materials and (B) if I want to adjust the settings I have to do this for every single material. This doesn't make any sense.

I just want to import different images and apply my default settings to all of them. Is there anything I can do?