Author Topic: Using .spp files with SAT  (Read 1875 times)

We're working on integrating SAT into our material pipeline. What we'd like to do is paint meshes in Painter using a set of base materials. Then when a base material is changed we would like to reexport dependent Painter .spp files. We only want to reexport the materials from .spp files that use the modified base materials.

It looks like we can determine dependent sbs and sbsar files with SAT but how do you do it with .spp files? Is that even possible?

It also looks like SAT doesn't manage .spp files so to reexport those we would need to use a script and the Painter commandline. Is that right?

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Exact currently SAT doesn't manage .spp file. To do what you want, I think you have to use the API (js or python) inside Painter.