Author Topic: AMD GPU drivers crashing Substance Painter UPDATE?  (Read 1522 times)

Hi, is there an update on the situation regarding SP crashing on the new AMD GPUs? I have a brand new 6800 XT running the newest drivers, updated chipset drivers, BIOS, Windows - everything is brand new and updated including the newest version of SP.

Rerolling to older drivers is not possible on the newest cards.
Using the PRO drivers is not possible as these do not support the newest 6xxx cards.
No settings inside the Radeon software suite seems to do the trick.

Nothing works!

Please, Adobe/Allegorithmic, this is a serious issue for me and my peers using new and expensive AMD GPUs for work (studies and personal projects in my case) which is already several months old and no improvements are in sight. Calling it "stability issue" as per the stickied post here on the forums is an undertatement, unfortunately, as it is impossible to work. The program crashes whenever a user wants to paint on a layer or while using the layer stack in general.
I know this isn't an inherent problem with SP, but you guys have the power to communicate this prevalent issue to AMD and actually do something about it.

Please, this is an absolutely destructive situation for me and my peers using the newer AMD GPUs. It is simply not possible to work inside Substance Painter without a fix, either from you or AMD.

Please help us solve this months old problem.

Thank you for reading.


Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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