Author Topic: Endless login loop  (Read 197 times)

I downloaded the Substance to test it out before I buy, but I got an endless login loop.
Tryed re-installing and reboot my pc, but still does not work.

What is wrong?


You want to make sure your password is correct by using it in .

If you've just changed your password you also want to make sure to wait a few minutes before using the new one in the Launcher
Our platforms may take a few minutes to sync all our database.
Usually everything goes fine but if you had some issue it may be due to some sync latency between our services ^^

If you still have the issue you can also share your logs file with us so we can investigate futher
To do so just click in the upper right corner of the Launcher on your username, and select Export log

Then share the generated logfile with us.

Hopefully this should help us understanding why you have this specific issue