Author Topic: Why is smart material using baked maps from old project?  (Read 312 times)

So I created this smart material in a project and saved it to be used later, but when I apply it in another project it still uses the baked maps from the original project in all the generators. Attached picture might explain better. I am also attaching the smart material which I created following a tutorial.  Don't know if the problem is on my end or this is how it works, for now I have to manually change all the maps in the generators but that's very frustrating.
smart material link:

EDIT: Someone told me meet mat doesnt have baked mesh maps but other meshes also have the same problem its not about the baked mesh maps.

It is most likely about the baked mesh maps. Re-bake all the maps, and drag-and-drop the maps into all slots (fill layers, masks) where they might be used. They will not be replaced automatically.

Well the smart materials that are available by default don't seem to have this problem, they don't require all the maps to be placed in all the fill layers/generators manually. Is there any way custom smart materials can have this feature?

I'm not talking about default smart materials, but masks/ fills/ fill effects that were created manually and might also use the maps. Those maps need to be replaced manually.

If there aren't any manually created masks/ fills using baked maps, I can't tell you whats going on right now. You need to upload the Painter project + lowres/highres geometry so we can look at it directly.
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