Author Topic: Substance Painter Wireframe option Grayed out.  (Read 254 times)


I am trying to toggle the wire frame option inside the photo renderer but am unable to access or change any of the wireframe options because they are greyed out. Is there a setting I need to change before I can see my mesh wireframe.

Do you mean you are in the render mode and not the paint mode ?
If that's so, that's normal, those settings have no effect and therefor cannot be modified.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Is there a way to use this option? This seems like a fantastic alternative to Maya! If I can't use this option - why is it there??? Turbo Squid recently upped their standards and using Substance Painter has been an enormous help in posting my work to Turbo Squid and your WIREFRAME option - shown above - would be a tremendous help in this new standard.

EDIT - I went back into PAINT MODE and found the wireframe setting and dialed the wireframe opacity up to 100 - now it looks like something Van Gogh would have painted - only to jump back over to RENDERING and the WIREFRAME was no longer visible. How do I use this tool??? HELP!!!!!
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