Author Topic: Errors with exporting as MDL from Designer  (Read 132 times)

Hi, I'm trying to export this MDL to use on a model and I am unable because of thsese issues, im not actually sure whats causing it, any help would be appreciated!

Hi Jamie,

The MDL export dialog is indeed polluted by many warning but warning do not prevent the export of the MDL file.
I see that the last statement says that in the end the export succeeded.

Is the exported MDL exists on your disk ? (cf. D:/uni/Second Year/White_J_Personal_Project_CW4/Car_Paint_Test_MODULE.mdl)
If yes, where are you using this .mdl file and what is going wrong exactly ? 

- Andréa

Hi there, thanks for the response, turns out I had a false alarm, I'm new to substance designer so I didn't know it had worked properly, thanks for the response anyway!