Author Topic: Update to Launcher is triggering virus software  (Read 2052 times)

Hi, is anyone aware of an issue with the newest update to the launcher?  My Kaspersky total security app keeps deleting it insisting that it is malware.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Workstations is showing the same behaviour.

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I have the same issue. My install of Launcher downloaded the latest update, 1.6.1-beta.411, and Kaspersky kept blocking it and removing it, after flagging it as malware. I had to disable the antivirus to run the update. Afterwards, Kaspersky detects the installer in my app data folder as malware. I had to run a "disinfect" procedure that deletes the installer.

Exactly the same issue here. Kaspersky deletes the exe file when I switch my computer in the morning. It identifies the update as a trojan. When I tried to download the update direct from the site, it halts the download, identifies it as malware and attempts to disinfect my computer.

Hi all,

Thanks for this information.
We will investigate on this and try to understand what changed on Kapersky to trigger this behaviour !