Author Topic: Modo Substance Painter Issue  (Read 1091 times)

ive been testing substance with modo 13 and get this weird issue when the roughness is lowered to zero.  and its not just this one model it's a lot of them.  i used the default sphere and it was clear without streaking but the rest of the models ive tested roughness on all does that weird distortion

Show us your UVs.

the part showing is the bottom right. i used modo rectangle uv hower i tried it without and it had the same results.  uv'd in rizom same issue.  simple vase in blender same issue.  it does the same weird stretching on quite a few models.  perhaps its an issue with cylinders most of those i test thinking about it were cylindrical.  when i made a sphere it was a perfect mirrored ball.

Do you have an environment in the Modo scene, this appears to be the reflection of that environment. I would assume that the environment is an HDR sphere. Is it? It appears that the orientation of that environment is incorrect.

no my modo default environment is just a constant white color.  that's the default substance environment panorama?  but i've tried others.  using the environments on the baked lighting filter is perfect tho and actually exactly what i need.