Author Topic: Can't download Substance Suite launcher? (link dead)  (Read 2102 times)


Today I tried to use the website's download link ( ) for the Substance Suite launcher (Windows) to make use of the 30 day trial, however I find that whenever the browser tries to redirect me to  this site , it says that the site sent an invalid response and doesn't load nor start a download. I tried this on another PC and several different browser with the same result.

I was wondering if there's another link available to download the suite?

Thanks in advance ???



I am having the same issue. Not sure how to fix it.  Does someone know how to fix it? Thanks in advance~

Same for me.

I'm having the same, or a related, problem. Substance Launcher says it needs to be updated and gives me the options Restart or Quit, but Restart doesn't do anything other than exit Launcher. I guess because it can't find the update package.

Same here. Both Mac and Windows versions have dead links

Hi all,

Sorry for the late answer but we had some issue for a moment with our download links
Should now be completely solved !