Author Topic: [SOLVED] MDL import error in Daz Studio when exporting from Designer ?  (Read 1576 times)

I tried to import an MDL for use in DAZ Studio.

Steps I did:
- made a new MDL graph in Designer by using the build in translucency template
- exportet that as an MDL file
- tried to import it into Daz Studio (it has a tool called Shader Mixer for that)

Got errors in the log file:
[ERROR] - MDLC:COMPILER ::   1.0   MDLC   comp error: E:\Ressources\Materials\MDL\MDL_Test.mdl(3,10): could not find module '::alg::base::core' in module path

In the MDL file I see:
import ::alg::base::core::volume_absorption;
import ::alg::base::core::volume_scattering;

I asked the Daz support - answer "this seems to be substance code which should not be there for exchangable MDLs".
So, it seems the MDL export references modules which are specific to designer and therefore the MDL does not work in other apps.

I tried to find information about it in this forum and the docs but with no luck.

Can somebody give a hint how to proceed to get this solved?
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Hi an-imagination

Maybe this operation will work.
When I copied "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Substance Designer\resources\view3d\iray" alg folder to
C:\Daz 3D\Applications\64-bit\DAZ 3D\DAZStudio4\shaders\iray
The compile error did not occur.

Thanks for your help. I found that solution as well. But I think I can't distribute Adobe modules freely to other people.
Do you maybe know a way to make the SD export indepentent from Adobe specific modules? The idea is to have exchangable materials in the end (as I understood it that is the main concept of MDL).

Hi there,

I gave an exhaustive step by step guide to set up exported MDL shader from SD to Daz in another thread.
I would recommend to move the conversation there if you want to give feedbacks


Thanks for letting us know.