Author Topic: Baking issue on windows  (Read 167 times)

So I've been having this issue that when I bake my crab model, that only the backlegs give a weird issue (on windows).
It doesn't show up on the world space normal, but on the Normal+Height+Mesh.
The mesh uses 8 UV tiles and are all within the UVborder. The issue is on the UV tile 1004.

I've asked a friend to bake the mesh on his mac and he hadn't any problems with it.
We used the exact same project and baking settings.
He exported the file and gave it to me. But when I opened his file the same issue reappeared.
I thought it maybe would be a software issue so I went back to substance 2020.2.2, but the same issue stayed.

Can you share the highres + lowres meshes?