Author Topic: Substance workflow to maps in maya  (Read 1799 times)

I have been using the "Apply workflow to maps" script that comes with the substance maya integration but would like to expand it to accept more map slots. Also, having it look at a full directory of images and bring everything in would be a huge time saver.

Are there any plans to finish the script ? At the moment it looks like a good start but is missing obvious functionality.

The apply workflow to maps button will accept any custom workflows made with sbsars using that feature. So you can bootstrap a new workflow using an sbsar with the map outputs you want. What you could do is create an sbsar from designer with the maps that you want to use, making sure the output usage is set correctly, then hook that up and use that feature to generate a workflow script to then use to work with the image maps you have.

These custom workflows will end up showing up in the apply workflows dialog.

There's a button for assigning all of them by name, where it tries to figure out from a file dialog selection what goes where.
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