Author Topic: Does pysbs not support curvature from mesh v2?  (Read 1250 times)

I tried to call pysbs.batchtools.sbsbaker_curvature_from_mesh, but i think it is version 1.

it does not accept some command options like nb-second-rays, max-dist-relative-scale, etc, which are the options of curvature v2.

And there is no function named sbsbaker_curvature_from_mesh_v2.

Does substance have plan to support curvature v2?

Every bakers taking external normal map take the options "normal_format" as string, not int.
I don't know how it works on command line. At least, the option is string in python.

pysbs.batchtools.sbsbaker_curvature_from_mesh will use v2 for the next SAT release (very soon).

About the type of normal-format it seems to be a bug, you have to still use '0' or '1' as string.

0 or 1 as string.. OMG :'(