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Hi guys,

For a medieval style/theme game i am making several (all probably) materials, and I wanted to share some screens.

Its kinda hard to absolutely nail the parts where branches would have been (the knots), but I'm getting closer and closer.

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Here is the graph for those interested:

the wood material looks very convincing. Long live the Warp node!

Really cool !

Looks really good Kay!

What's the low pass for?

Hi guys,

Thanks for the comments! yeah the warp node is incredibly useful :D.

The low pass is a series of blurs I use to smooth out the high and low areas of the height-map, without losing too much detail.

here is an updated version:
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The wood texture looks really cool. Would you mind to post a more detailed shot of the graph? I would really appreciate it :)!

Thanks and good work!

Thanks! Ill see if i can :).

approved  ;D
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Cant go bigger then this with my current monitors haha. Feel free to be inspired, but be creative (no 1:1 copy for commercial work of the graphs please).