Author Topic: Transform Tool (move/rotate/scale/skew) and some notes about the UI  (Read 24114 times)

Hi there,

I was thinking that it would be great to have a transform tool that allows to move/rotate/scale Fill layers (and any other layer or effect that applies only in the 2D space).
Currently only a couple of parameters are exposed (ScaleX and ScaleY), and eventually substance effects can be used to transform the layer. This comes with a problem: we are forced to slide parameters until they look right, instead of visually adjust the position in the UV space.

In my opinion, SPainter should support a transform tool as Substance Designer does, using a "Transform node" under the hood, transparent to the user.

It is important though, from a "software design" point of view, to not create single tools that don't chain with others.
In my opinion such a tool should work with every substance effect selected, not only fill layers. So Substance Effects too should have an additional tab in the interface showing the current transformation matrix (or "Angle/scale/offset" parameters).

Just to add more ideas, this transform tool could go even further: while designing Substance effects in Designer for instance, we could expose various matrices. The Transform tool in Substance Painter then will be able to select every single exposed matrix, and work with that.
Let's say for example that I have a Substance Effect which has a text on a red rectangle.
I will expose the text matrix (with the name "textT") to be able to manipulate it further.
When I will select the Transform tool in Substance Painter, by default it will select the final effect matrix (let's call it "root"), that will move both the red rectangle and text as a whole.
But the Transform tool will have a option menu, to choose a different matrix. Here we will choose "textT", and move/rotate/scale the embedded text in the substance effect.

On a last note, when Painter will grow even more, tools should have an additional "Options" horizontal menu bar (like in photoshop).
Tools like the Paint and Eraser, have various options in the Brush palette, but future tools may not have options related to brush settings only.
Lazy Mouse is a great example of why an Options bar would be welcome: the slider is included in the tools bar, which is pretty bad IMO.
And a Transform tool would really benefit from such option bar too.

Also, I talked mainly about fill layers and substance effects because a Transform tool makes sense in 2D space... but if you can find a way to transform painted data (which I think in SPainter is actually similar to a point cloud) in 3D space, that would be totally awesome too :)


We do have some things in the work in this area, stay tuned :)

Hi guys,

I'm so happy to see that in Designer you finally exposed the transforms as widgets!
I hope we will see this feature in Substance Painter 3, together with a nice transform tool :)

Thanks guys, Designer 6 is going to make me happy (I know, wrong section of the forum :D )

Is it me that just cannot find it or is there still not a lasso selection and transform tool in Painter?

For me this is vital for texturing!

I would love to see the system used in Blender: you push a button and you are instantly able to move/rotate or scale the thing, also, depending on where you mouse was relative to the center of the screen when you clicked the button, the speed of the manipulations would vary.

I harly believe this would ever be properly implemented though, because the SP team first need to optimize their program to actually run reasonably fast with, say, 10 fill layers with masks, 5 of which are connected via an anchor point on a 4k project (hell even 2k is slow).