Author Topic: UVs are cut in half  (Read 217 times)

when i export my model from Blender to Substance Painter, the UVs of one object get cut in half.

(Left side the highlighted Blender UVS; Right side the substance UVs where one half is missing)

I've done several other assets today, and everything worked just fine. This is the first time something like this happened and
it gave me a nasty mirror effect for the object. I tried to change the UVs, so they aren't perfectly symmetrical, export/import in a new substance file but nothing seems to help.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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If you can upload the .blend file I'll take a look.

Those are clearly not the best UVs ever, i tried separating the affected islands, but it made no difference. Just stitched them back on. I used the TexTool to check for any overlapping/inverted faces. The whole thing is based off a course, and this error doesn't seem to happen there.

The problem is because your good UV map is in UV CHANNEL 1, but you have the bad UV map in UV CHANNEL 0 which is the one Painter will load by default and cannot read any other one.

So either delete the bad UV map, or swap it so you have this:

Oh, what a stupid mistake, completely forgot about the UV channels  :-[
Thanks a lot!